Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Burn fat via Metabolic Cooking

Banish Your boring diet with easy and quick recipes and burn your fat faster.
If you want to accelerate your weight loss and your all previous meal plans were boring and ineffective. You are at the right place now.
You will see actual change.
 Karine losier and Dave Ruel have firm passion for culinery, food and fitness.
You will cook well and stay lean at the same time.

Reasons why most cookbooks don't work

  • Wrong ingredients : Unhealthy ingredients that store body fat like margarine, sugar and high calorie dressings.
  • Lack of Quick and Easy Meal : They just put bunch of recipes
  • Same Food Over and Over : Usage of same food over and over again slows down metabolism. So you won't lose fat.

Their Metabolic Cooking Provides Solutions

  • All recipes are high metabolic Thermo Charge ingredients
  • Nutrients are precisely mentioned you know what you  are eating.
  • It Fights Metabolic Adaptation : You will be varying your nutrients consumptionn regularly.

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